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Friday, May 23, 2008

Quarter to Semester Transfer: Are you losing credits?

Generally, colleges and universities operate on one of two schedules: Quarters or Semesters. A quarter is typically 10-11 weeks in length, whereas a semester is typically 15-16 weeks. Boise State operates on a semester schedule with terms including: Fall (August - December), Spring (January - May), and Summer (May - August). Those of you that are transferring from schools that operate on a quarter schedule, it may appear that you are losing credits that you have already earned, but that is not the case.

Because a semester is approximately 1/3 longer than a quarter, a quarter credit is worth 2/3 of a semester credit. Therefore, 1 semester credit is equal to 0.66 quarter credit. That said, it may still feel like you are losing credits when you transfer from a quarter to semester system. Hopefully this will help: It takes approximately 1/3 fewer total credits to graduate from a semester system college. In most cases, 200 or more quarter credits are required to complete a program on a quarter system. Conversely, most semester system schools require approximately 130 credits to complete.

As you can see, whether you are earning semester or quarter credits, the total time needed to complete an academic program is equivalent. Hopefully this clarifies some of your transfer confusion! In the coming weeks, a quarter-semester credit equivalency table will be posted to this page. Stay tuned!

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